"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."

"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."- Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting back on that blogging horse

Photo: Magazine Cover

Photo: Magazine Centerfold

Some of you might be wondering what's up with the three-month hiatus. I'd apologize for ignoring this blog for so long, but I don't really apologize. So, yeah, suck it.

But I GUESS I should at least explain what happened and where I've been. Well, I'm not sure if you noticed, but the photos posted above are a magazine cover and a page from the centerfold. Aside from the new Blogger interface that I find thoroughly confusing, I've been busy making a magazine so I haven't really found time to do much of anything else. If we are Facebook friends, you've probably seen my status updates where I reveal that I don't even have time to shower... But honestly, no one could tell. I mean, except for the fact that I wore the same thing for days at a time. I mean, no one ever came up to me and punched me in the face in expression of their abhorrence for my offensive smell. Actually, one of the Assistant Managing Editors brought me a change of clothes one day and said I didn't really stink but it was starting to get a little embarrassing because I was into day five of the same outfit. I almost took her offer, but she brought a t-shirt and it had holes so I had to decline, rather impolitely. Which, again, I do not apologize for.

Anywho, before I go further down that tangent... Several months ago, I signed on as editor of a magazine in the Philippines and the ride's been pretty wild and damn fun, but I think I'll be leaving it. Lots of reasons. Too bad, I'm not really in the sharing mood. You'll just have to wait for my awesome autobiography, MAD. I am a writer, after all.