"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."

"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."- Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A blog about a blog, kind of like inception.

Boy it´s been a while. I´d apologize for letting this blog almost sizzle out, but to be fair, I´ve been busy living in the woods of an island on the edge of Patagonia (near Antartica). Out here, internet connection is a luxury that comes low on my list of necessities, you know, after plastic bags to wrap my feet in under snow boots and before peanutbutter sandwhiches. Yeah, I´ve reorganized my entire list of priorities. It´s been liberating.

For reference, a photo of what my "backyard" looks like:

Yep. Cold. And this was taken before the recent snow fall. Now we have ski slopes, but no skis. We do, however, have inflated life-saver-like devices what we use as sleds. I think I´ve crushed my coccyx and possibly a few internal organs.

Anywho, I´d like to tell y´all that I´ve been getting back to the writing. But before we dive back into the whole hashtag-memoirs-of-a-hitchhiker series I´ve been spouting out before the sabbatical, I´d like to share the latest blog I´ve written. Yeah, I know, I wrote a blog for a blog that wasn´t my blog, which I have all but ignored for over a year. It felt almost like a vivid inception-like dream of commiting regicide - if the king were a little-read journal on some interwebs.com, and regicide meant ignore. But hey, we must destroy to create (Shiva reference because sometimes I let my hippie show).

Back to the blog, I´ve recently teamed up with one of the most beautiful souls I´ve run into in these humble travels that have become my life. Jessica Brookes is a yogini, healer, writer, traveler, photographer, reader of poetry, and all around swell superhero of a gal. Founder of The Shanti Space  and Jectaspecta, she´s been featured on The Telegraph, so you know homegirl´s legit.

The blog post talks about a little adventure Karma Yoga (a little project of mine) had with Qultural Nomade, and how general hippiness ensued on a patagonian beach. I´m sure you´ll dig it.

Thusly inasmuch and what´s most importantly of all, click on all of these links because this is how we writers feed our faceholes.

Pura vida!

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