"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."

"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."- Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Friday, May 10, 2013


Let´s take a mini break from the hitch-hiking entries. This is muy importante.

Exactly one year ago, I stepped off a plane and inhaled the good air of Buenos Aires for the very first time. I think I will celebrate by eating an entire tub of dulce de leche with nothing but my hands. Meanwhile, here are some photos of random things I´ve been up to this past year.

Oh, when you´re done, can you Skype me or something and make sure I didn´t slip into a diabetic coma? Muchas gracias!

Ate choripan for the first time with these lovely folk.

My cousin and best friend came and we had a FEEAASSSTT!

Video chats with loved ones from all around the globe.

Especially with my silly best pal, Dr. Ireezie. Yes, she is a real doctor. Yes, doctor of medicine.

Drank A LOT of mate. Sometimes by a fireplace.

Lots of rock climbing.


Met these lovely people.

Featured on a Buenos Aires street fashion blog, Clereche-Yeca.

ASADO!!! A lot of asados.

Surprise birthday celebration from some hippie yogis. :D

Survived a zombie apocalypse with an Australian, a Swede, and a Colombian.

Made imaginary friends.


Lived on this floor with my Brazilian <3s

Fell in love with these cool cats, Carlos, Hallum, and Chanta.

Shared some yoga on a beach.

Shared some yoga on some floors.

Met an Australian DRAGON.

Got a tattoo.

Modeled. Photo by Fede Ataide

Broke my arm and tried to put it back together with chopsticks and a bandana.

Got another tattoo.

Did a yoga photo series and video with Celu PH


Read poetry under trees.

Played with bubbles.

Cooked the shit out of shit.

Had my Andalucian soul sister pierce my ear. In a bar.

Lived and worked in this organic vegan Bhakti Yoga farm.

Aforementioned Bhakti Yoga community uses this photo as their default.

Met people from all over the world and ate (and drank) with them.

A lot of meeting people and a lot of eating (and drinking).

Lied down on busy streets because fuck the police.

I think this is self-explanatory.
Climbed onto Volkswagon vans because sometimes you just want to sit on a van.

Went to vegetarian hippie dinners in hidden restaurants.

Made a lot of Filipino food. Like this. This is biko. I love biko.

Went into CURRY COMAS.

Videochats with my dog overseas because I miss his face. :(