"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."

"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."- Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's like the Macy's Parade but hotter.

Image: Hot air balloons from all around the world coming to life in Clark.

I have teamed up with one of the best people in the world - seriously, this has been scientifically proven - and we have begun a business together.

I'm sure most of you know of Kiva because you are just that awesome, or because I have personally invited (or pestered) you to join. The idea of micro-finance and encouraging entrepreneurship in a country wrought with poverty is truly inspired. Thank you, bromigo Bill Clinton for making that commercial. Poverty is a very tricky subject, especially when dealing with entire countries and mind-sets. Microcredit is a great way to teach a man to fish rather than just giving him a fish.

Thus, my business partner and I have leapt into the world of microfinance. Our hope is to bypass the money-making incentives employed by finance companies, such as contract fees and exorbitantly high interest rates, and to provide a service that not only claims to spur entrepreneurship but one that really does help a people to make a living. We can do this by staying small and keeping away from words like "overhead" and "employees." We are envisioning a truly grassroots movement where money isn't applied for and loaned out, but one where money becomes a tool of prosperity that is passed around.

So now, when people ask me what I do, I will tell them that I help people buy hopes and dreams. Either that, or I will keep telling them that I own a whiskey bottling plant. It's a great way to make friends fast.

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