"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."

"Sailed not as a seaman, but as a traveler..."- Sir Thomas More's Utopia

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday [2]

After a three-week hiatus, it's finally back!

For the second installment of Wanderlust Wednesday, I'd like to introduce the lovely Kristina of DIWYY. She's got quite the collection of travel tales, enjoy!

Name - Kristina Wegscheider

At the Red Square in Moscow, Russia in July 2009

Site - Do It While You're Young, www.diwyy.com

Occupation - Human Resources for a company in the high-tech sector

Birthplace - Born and raised in San Jose, California - Mostly Austrian descent with other miscellaneous European nationalities added in (German, French and Belgian).

Current Location - My home base in San Jose, California.

Trips Made - I traveled to Europe with my family as a child but made my first trip abroad as an adult in 2002 when I did a winter break study abroad in Australia. Within a week of being back, I was booked on a summer study abroad to South Africa. That pattern has continued to this day. I have racked up over 50 countries and territories on all 7 continents. Let's just say I have a very large passport which causes some strange looks and interesting questions at any border checkpoint.

Trips on the List - Everywhere I have not been! The top five adventures I would like to do next are Trans-Mongolian Railway, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Botswana & Namibia and West Africa.

Antarctica in March 2005

Featured trip - I won a trip to Antarctica in December 2004 from Adventure Center and traveled in March 2005 on one of the last boats of the season. After spending nearly two and a half days in bed due to seasickness, we entered the Antarctic Peninsula which was truly magical. I have never seen a place so untouched and so serene. The wildlife is also very friendly and it is common for a curious humpback whale to be right next to you when you are in a zodiak boat! My favorite two moments were stepping foot on the Antarctica continent at Neko Harbour and getting my passport stamped at Port Lockroy in British Antarctic Territory.

Teach, learn, share - While some people will say frequent flier miles are useless, I boldly disagree! I have flown in international business class five times free of charge thanks to them! My advice to travelers is to find an airline alliance and stick with it. There are times when I pay a little more to fly my preferred airline but when I can check three bags for free or get bumped up to business class, it all seems worthwhile.

Worst Travel Situation Involving Luggage - I flew to Nairobi a few summers ago and got there no problem. My bags, apparently, had a different itinerary. Due to one delay from my departure city, it took three days for my bags to get to me. Worst part? I had decided to wear a summery dress and espadrille sandals on the plane and did not pack a change of clothes in my carry-on. As if my tall stature and blonde hair don't make me stand out, I didn't want to be wearing this outfit in public. So I stayed in my room at the Hilton for the entire stay. Way to see Nairobi! Lesson learned: always pack a change of clothes and wear something more appropriate next time on the plane!

With a peregrine falcon in Debabcha, Tunisia in January 2010

Do you have any tattoos? - Nope!

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